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Went to watch “Clash of the Titans” with my folks last night despite reading the lukewarm reviews. My verdict is that it IS an entertaining movie since there’s tons of action, hot bods, good looking people and some action sequences. You just need to forget how the producers basically messed up a lot of the Greek mythology.

That said, I agree with one reviewer who wrote that the monsters in this remake of the 1981 film of the same name resembled those in “Transformers” and “Aliens”. However, to be fair to the director and the computer graphics team, most monsters tend to fit into the same stereotypes – lots of sharp teeth, brown, huge and fugly.

I seriously don’t think you should waste your money seeing this in 3D. Watched it in 3D to find it useless as most of the time, the subtitles were popping out (ok…all the better to read?) and the monsters weren’t that incredibly IN YOUR FACE which is the reason for 3D movies, isn’t it? So yeah…save that extra $3/$4 and go watch it in 2D. If you must.

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