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I know that I haven’t been blogging lately and well, I’ve got to admit that my life this past week has been rather boring. I’ve got loads to rant about but I can’t because you never know who’s reading in cyberspace…I’d like to keep my head on my shoulders, thank you very much.

I do have something that I want to blog about but I’m very hesitant as it is very personal. I don’t think it is a taboo topic but then, I hate labels etc. Let me mull about it a little longer and if there is an impetus to blog it, I shall.

My flat is so quiet now because my bro’s in Australia on holiday. I was not used to it the first night he was gone but I’m really soaking it in right now. He called me this afternoon telling me that he’s tempted to buy the Aesop animal wash (AUD 70??) for Baileys. Told him that he’s nuts. I’m NOT sharing that with him. If he wants to buy it, it’ll be HIS treat to Baileys. Bro will be back on Sun…so will the noise…*sigh*

Some things that I’m looking forward to: Parents’ Birthday celebrations next week! My company’s/ school’s D&D at the end of this month! Chicago – the musical in May!! 😀 Good stuff….can’t wait!

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