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Recently, I feel as if I’m watching my life unfold like a soap opera. I don’t want the drama please. When you’re younger, you never thought that you’d go through all these unbelievable things and that such things would happen to you or your friends.

Real life is complex.

What I’ve learnt is that no matter what kind of shit happens, life still goes on. We’ve got to move on forward and stop looking at the past. The present is the most important as we pave the way for our future. It is amazing how non-judgemental I’ve become. I never thought I’d be this patient nor tolerant. Maybe the years have mellowed me.

I thank God for this sense of clarity. It has taken me some time to reach here with my bouts of melancholy and feeling as if the rug was pulled from under my feet. I now know what it truly means to love someone unconditionally and to be for that person no matter what. I think I know how parents feel when they see their children make horrible mistakes but yet are there to comfort and support their children. I believe that is how God feels about us too.

Guilt. Regret. These are emotions that hold us back but yet is what makes us human. Thinking that we’re always right is also another human trait. Well, we’re not always right. There’s never one way to do things. Those who only think they’re right and use words to hurt you are just toxic and make you feel bad about yourself. Time to detox. I’m going to move forward and get rid of these people in my life.

Why this philosophical post? As I wrote earlier, reel life mirrors real life in terms of the drama. Except that real life is a mix of comedy, soap opera and everything else. This is my shout out to the world – to those who are feeling as if their world is getting too crazy and they can’t find the ground.

Hello you. You’re not alone. 🙂 Hang in there and do what makes you truly happy.

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