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I think there should be a show called “Taxi Drivers say the Darnest Things” cos they do! So many taxi drivers have entertained, infuriate and amused me to bits.  Today was no exception.

Hopped into a cab and after I commented that the weather these days have been crazy, he launched into how the weather is making his kids ill and that they didn’t take their meds followed by his mum’s medical drama. Get this: his mum was in a coma for a month and when they were deciding to pull the plug, he and his siblings whispered in her ear, “If you want to go, just go.” He said that within half an hour of that statement, his mum started twitching and is now alive and doing very well. He called it a rebirth and stressed that there really is a God in this world. He even told me that he had gone to see an astrologer who told him that his mum would encounter a huge calamity but will get out of it although it will cost him and his family a lot of money.  His point of telling me this story? He told his mum not to sleep in the same room as his kids as they’re sick.

Oh…straight after this miraculous story, he told me that he’s hot tempered and that he got into an argument with an officer who was being racist. He gave me an almost verbatim recollection of what was transpired between him and the officer and he even told me that he taped the conversation down, which is why the officer didn’t charge him.

Haha…I’m amazed at what taxi drivers tell me sometimes. Snippets of their lives in 10 minutes and I probably won’t see them again despite the size of our island. Will look forward to my next interesting taxi encounter!

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