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Ah…I know, I know…I haven’t been updating for the past week as I’ve been uber busy.

I received the 16th volume of Ouran High Host Club to translate and have been given a very tight deadline…so Ouran fans, keep your eye out! The translated edition should be out by *fingers crossed* June.

On a personal basis, I’ve also been doing lotsa stuff. Watched ‘Shutter Island’ with Cubey on Sun, became my bro’s and dad’s chauffeur on Sun night when I went to pick both of them up from the airport (separate flights in separate terminals!). Watched ‘Crossing Henessey’ with Mum on Wed (review of it is a ‘so-so from me) and both of us were so disappointed that the 2 girls in front of us managed to get the LAST two goodie bags that are given out at GV’s Ladies’ Night. 🙁

Fri was the annual Dinner and Dance, after which I headed to Butter with Mel Li. Ok…we’re sooo going to avoid Fri nights at Butter’s Bump room now. It was crowded and the human traffic was terrible. More people were walking from one end to the other and they were just pushing and prodding. I did feel like a dancing sheep being herded from one end to the next in search of a nice spot to not get hit, sloshed with drink or squished. We headed to Fash instead where we could breathe. I think the air-con ventilation’s much better in Fash.

Went to watch the musical ‘Chicago’ with my family yesterday! I loved the film and I love the stage version too!! I can see how and why certain elements were changed to suit the film and I love how there was a lot more interaction between the actors and the band in the stage version. It reminds me of the Brechtian theory of breaking down the ‘fourth wall’ so that the audience is reminded that you’re watching a play/ musical. Love love ‘Chicago’. Like the songs, it was jazzy, sharp and witty. It’s really, ALL THAT JAZZ! 🙂

I’m waiting for my lunch as I type this. Hungry. Must eat in 15 minutes and then rush off for my Japanese class. Having a major test today and I haven’t studied. 🙁 I spent most of yesterday translating and I think I’m making horrid pace. No momentum. I need to get into the zone….okie dokes. I shall haunt the kitchen now. See ya!

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