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At the D&D, there was a booth for those temp tattoos so I went to get a butterfly on my left shoulder. Got my colleague to take a pic and left it in my camera. Anyhows, my mum had borrowed my camera earlier when she went to Israel so she wanted to d/l her photos into her comp. She viewed the pics and saw the photo above.

The next day, when we were eating dinner, she suddenly got out of her chair, flipped the shoulder part of my sleeveless t-shirt. I went, “That one was a temp one!” Her reply? “Just checking.”

Sheesh. My mum thinks that tattoos are body mutilations (although she tattooed her eyebrows…but that’s different, somehow?). She didn’t speak to me for 2 days when she found out about my real tatt. Ah well…mothers. How funny.

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