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It has been an exhausting week that felt like it was dragging extra long…but it’s SATURDAY!! 😀 I love the weekends…it’s never long enough, agree?

Anyways, I’ve signed up for the Mizuno Mt Faber 10 km run, which will be happening next Sun, 13 June! All in support for financial aid of students! 🙂 Okie dokes…have to continue doing my Japanese homework followed by translation of Mixim 11 Vol. 6. Deadline looms….

Ooh…my family from the US will be arriving in Singapore tomorrow! My apartment will be crowded…imagine…7 adults (including maid), 1 child and a dog…squashed into 3 bedrooms….I’m most afraid that Baileys will go mental and my cuz will start shouting at Baileys. Not fun. Hate noise. Upside is that I promised to bring my cuz to Timbre for live music and Universal Studios! 🙂 Will defo blog about those experiences!

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