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What do you do when someone makes you feel like the stupidest person in the world but yet tells you that you’re intelligent at the same time? How would you react if someone belittles you unknowingly with their sharp words?


It’s not all your fault. It’s not all that person’s fault either.

You know how they say that you are the only person who allows yourself to feel the way you do? And that you give power away when you react to a mean person’s harsh words? Well, it’s hard to accept but it is quite true. It isn’t always easy to brush off hurtful comments and arguing with some people is like shouting at a tsunami about to crash into your face. You’ll just be drowned out AND drowned.

I’m learning to take one day at a time to regain my composure, regain my confidence and regain my faith in myself. I must always remember that humans are not always right. We each just have a different point of view. Too bad and too sad for the person who doesn’t think so. I’m not talking about the person who goes, “Yeah…of course.” I’m referring to the person who actively lives out these words and is able to agree on disagreeing.

If you feel the same way that I do, chin up babe/ dude. We’re not alone. There are a lot of idiots out in the world and sometimes, we’re unwitting fools too. Remember to keep your close ones close and to detox yourself from life-suckers. In the meanwhile, hugs from me to you!

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