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I went to Cafe Del Mar last Saturday with Baileys (and parents) for the Pooch Day Out! Check out the pics!!

Baileys at the pool, after a short dip where he looked at me with total horror because I wasn’t in the pool with him.

Greeting a new friend. Still damp from the swim.

“Who’s that sniffing my butt?” – Baileys

This is Baileys’ classic “I want food, please.” look. He’s giving it to my helper who has an onion ring in her hand. Hilarious…greedy little pig.

It was a nice sunny day and Baileys even took a swim in the sea 🙂 He was terrified of the waves initially and the nice volunteer (some dude who is a trainer and groomer) had to carry him into the sea. Nonetheless, Baileys paddled his way back to shore and I love seeing him swim!! I must bring him to the beach more often.

To Pets’ Lovers, ASD, SPCA and Cafe Del Mar: MORE Pooch Day Out please!!!

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