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I went to watch ‘Chestnuts in 3D: Nightmare on Glee Street’ on Saturday with Sing, Chow, Moon, Moon’s mum, LF and YY. I must say that this is becoming an annual gathering for us. Haha…

Good thing is that this year’s Chestnuts is WAYYYYYYYY better than last year’s. The jokes were tighter, funnier and had less references to other plays. More mainstream for sure. As usual, the 4 mad bunch of chestnuts (led by Jonathan Lim) sang, danced and parodied the jokes until we laughed out loud. My favourite is the whole skit where they interviewed Ris Low’s sister. You HAVE to watch this scene. Excellent!! Would actually fit in nicely with the Hossan Leong Show. Oops… 😛

Anyhows, here’s a personal shout out to my friend, Terence, who is the producer of ‘Chestnuts’. Well done mate!! Good to always see you annually during Chestnuts! 🙂

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