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Celebrated my dear friend’s birthday today, although it’s waaaaay in advance, and it was a nice time hanging out with my besties at Overeasy. As usual, we had lots of yummy food, wine and cake! 🙂

Spicy wings – we ordered ‘average’ spiciness and I seriously do NOT want to try the HOT one. Yep. They’re spicy all right. Love the blue cheese dip though.

Their signature Blackforest Mohjitos are worth it. Refreshing, fruity and alcoholic. Yum!

Devilled eggs. They are quite cute but I wasn’t craving eggs…so I only ate one piece.

The Mac & Cheese is divine! Really gorgeous on the palette. Mmm…..yums….

Beer battered dory fillets. Mm…well, tastes just like any other fish and chips (minus the chips). Full marks for presentation though.

It was cam-whoring/playing the whole evening as my dear friend finally took the time to get acquainted with the camera she purchased ages ago.

What’s a birthday celebration without a birthday cake?

During the course of dinner, I received a msg from Wenqing regarding the flea that’ll be held on Sat, 11 Sep from 11am-8pm at SupperClub, Odeon Towers. Unforch, I’ve got appointments in the afternoon and evening, so I can’t go down and support. But, if you have time and love good bargains, do go down! Thanks mates!

**Updated on Sun, 12 Sep**

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