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My helper will be flying home in Oct and I’m already dreading the thought of not having her around. I will have super withdrawal symptoms…at the risk of sounding really spoilt, here’s the list of things I’ll have to do once she’s gone:

  • I’ve got to walk Baileys everyday for at least an hour after work
  • Bathe Baileys at least once a week
  • Clear his pee and poo
  • Wash Baileys’ rug and cushion cover
  • Wash the yard once a week
  • Wash the toilet once a week
  • Wash the dishes everyday
  • Mop and sweep my room
  • Change my bedsheets and pillow covers
  • Wash said bedsheets and pillow covers
  • Wash the clothes (not just my own)
  • Hang the clothes to dry
  • Iron my own clothes
  • Fold the clothes (not just my own

All of this in addition to me working 8.30-6pm on weekdays, having Japanese lessons every Sunday from 1.30-4.30pm, teaching 2 students every Mon from 8-10pm…..I see a burn out approaching…help….

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