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I did a little “remodelling” in my work cubicle today. I shifted my computer from a corner to a side so that my back faces the wall, pulled a shelf out from the bottom of my table to create a side and I changed my wallpaper and screensaver to that of Niagara Falls.


To optimise the feng shui. Apparently, my back should face a solid wall or backing. My previous position left my back vulnerable and to make things worse, my back faced a corridor. So, my energy was flowing out.

I’ve since fixed that and I feel a lot more energised and better. Mum reckons that its psychological and that feng shui is about being practical. Mmm…well, psychological or not, I don’t feel like someone’s watching over my shoulder all the time now. Now, I need to add a small mirror to view the “entrance” of my cubicle and add some pictures of water or fish swimming into my cubicle. Yes…money come!!!

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