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As I had posted previously, I took part in my estate’s Mid Autumn Fest Bazaar on Saturday. It was sunny and the pool really beckoned but I was there with my stuff!

Not only was I there with my jewellery, I had instock Cher Bags, Chloe pouches, the Coach pouch and wristlet, Jill Stuart bag, Tsumori Chisato pouches, Tsumori Chisato bags, hand woven bags and second-hand books.

Although the bazaar was only from 11am-3pm, I thank everyone who came to my stall! Sales were a lot more brisk and I’m thankful to those who took my card and noted that I do bespoke pieces. I promise to update my website as soon as possible!! I have made quite a few new pieces but my camera’s faulty so I can’t take any nice shots of them to post yet. 🙁 I went to the Sony Care this afternoon and they told me that it will cost $321 to repair the LCD. I might as well buy a new one that has more megapixels and is water resistant. Bah. Spending more money is NOT what I want to hear. Boo that.

Anyhows, my neighbouring stall was a nice Indian lady who is a full-time artist. She was doing henna painting and check out what my mum got…

And mine…

I’ve always wanted a Celtic Cross tattoo on my ankle so I thought I’d try out a henna rosary tattoo first. See whether I like having something on my ankle. I must say that I still like the Celtic Cross idea but I think I’ll have a very small one right beside my Archilles heel. A small one. I’d probably have to scrap the Celtic design…too intricate and detailed. Mum will balk after reading this and will come in and tell me “Don’t you DARE get another tattoo!!” 😛 She’s cool with henna and washable ones though. Haha…she even liked this rosary one and even mentioned that “It looks like it’s swinging”. 😉

All in all, it was a good day and I’m very pleased with this bazaar. I’m definitely joining next year’s bazaar and you guys are all invited to come down!

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