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I expected myself to be shocked, horrified and be in that nail-biting-wanna-pee-in-my-pants moment. Alas, it was not to be. There were tons of creepy moments but that was just about it. Creepy. Nothing else. I won’t be having nightmares/ dreams tonight. How disappointing.

They had it all in there…the recipe for pure horror was all there! The fact that it’s in 3D made it even better because those creepy objects really looked like they were going to fly into your face. I think it is the way the story was told. The director tried to be intelligent and pulls the character from past to present to imagination and then back to reality. Good concept but the execution seems rather lacking. Perhaps horror flicks should stick to a certain formula to ensure the spooks.

Nevertheless, I would enjoy another horror movie in 3D. Potential to really scare you to bits!!

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