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Celebrated my parents’ wedding anniversary last night and we went to Shashlik Restaurant (located at Far East Shopping Centre, 6F). My gosh. The place hasn’t changed at all. How nostalgic it was for me!!

My parents used to bring my bro and I there when we were kids and I can still recognise the faces of some of the wait staff. Yes! They’re still there!! Amazing, isn’t it?

As this is a Russian restaurant, my dad ordered his favourite (and their signature) Borsch soup. Tastes the same – according to my dad.

We also ordered a starter of egg topped with caviar (I know…it seems as if I’m eating eggs everyday), smoked salmon, assorted slices of ham, crab meat and prawn. We were so hungry, we didn’t even leave any cabbage leaf on the plate!

That, my friends, is the wait staff (one of the oldies) placing my wonderful shashlik of beef on a hotplate. The beef was tender and juicy. Seared to perfection and marinated with enough garlic to add flavour but not chase away vampires (and humans) 10 miles away.

Mum’s Fillet Steak – she made the mistake of ordering it Medium Well. She then complained that it was too dry and she was expecting some kind of sauce. Mmm…firstly, the steak comes on a hotplate, so you should order it one level below the usual done-ness that you prefer. Secondly, good steaks do not need sauces to mask its flavour. Anyway, I ended up eating a quarter of her steak ‘cos she was “full” from eating dry meat. She complained that its too cooked. Uh…Medium Well is just one level away from Well Done. -__-;

Dad’s massive T-bone steak. I’m not sure if you can see it. Apologies for the bad quality pictures. My Sony camera decided to go kaputz on me and I had no choice other than my iPhone. 🙁

And for dessert…….hang on….

hang on….

BAKED ALASKA!!! *huge grin* Gosh…I’m a kid again! I haven’t eaten this in ages and I simply love the burnt bits of cream together with the cake that’s soaked with alcohol. Mmm…yummmmmmm……

This dinner has everything I enjoy: good food, good company, nostalgia….only bad thing was that I had to pay for it. Haha….just kidding.

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