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I was sneezing and feeling miserable since Tue night but today was the worst. Felt giddy and throat was itchy this morning. Decided to go to the doc who promptly said, “Viral infection.” Again. As usual. Bah.

Was given some meds for my stuffed nose and it made me so drowsy, I slept for 2 hours, woke up for lunch, watched a couple of episodes of the Jdrama “Hammer Session” (Hayami is soooo cute!) and then slept some more. So piggish. After taking a shower, I decided to read ” Freakonomics” which I bought 2 weeks ago. I flipped a couple of pages and then, guess what, yep…fell asleep!! I didn’t wake up until Dad came home and made so much noise. Grrr….

Ah well…nonetheless, I feel that I’ve accomplished quite a bit today. I’ve finally managed to upload the pics of the Jill Stuart bag, See by Chloe pouch, Tsumori Chisato pouches and bag as well as the pics of new pieces! 😀 Tomorrow…TGIF!!!

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