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As mentioned previously, I went to bar at Studio M Hotel, a new boutique hotel by the Corpthorne & Millenia group, for the Choya Jazz party.  The hotel is supposedly near to Clarke Quay MRT.  It’s not too far off…but it was about a 15 min walk away.  Thank god I was wearing flats but I was perspiring like mad after the walk.  I thought I could enjoy the cool air-con of the bar but guess what?  It’s open-air *slaps forehead*…

What I don’t understand were…why did I have to make reservations if the event was:
1. Free Seating
2. No reservations needed

To make things worse, the free flow only started at 7pm but I was there at 6.40pm.  Bah…ordered an apple cider to start.

I think the bar’s concept isn’t too bad. It is quite chill but will I go there again?  Not really.  Unless I’ve got friends who are staying at the Gallery Hotel or in Studio M itself.  Now, I shall not start on the Choya Jazz event itself.  It was probably a success (duhh….tons of people there JUST for the free Choya) but the execution of the whole event could’ve been done a lot better.  The Choya branding wasn’t done well enough and the jazz part of the event came on only at 7.45pm!!  Hire me to plan!!!!

Anyway, today, I went for my overdued pedicure and check out my pretty nail art!!!!

So adorable, right??  Gosh…so cute…*gushes and stares at nails* I can’t get over how cute it is.  I was showing my nails off to all my colleagues and even to my mum.  To top it off, it only cost me $18.  Yup.  You read right.  EIGHTEEN dollars!  I’m not going to blog where the place is because they’re already so busy (they’ve only got 2 manicurist).  😛 Am being selfish, I know.  But I do want to be able to make an appointment.  Hur hur…ok…I shall go back to admiring my nails and being in total happiness because *drumroll* I’m on leave tomorrow!!!

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