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I had a movie marathon at my place from Fri-Sat morning with my friends! 🙂 Nothing much except to chill and eat!!!

I’ve got cool Lady Gaga earphones now!!  WEEEEEE~~~~~~  Fren to me: We saw it and immediately went, “This is so Mel.” Score for them because they didn’t read my blog but earphones was on my wishlist!!!

Revisiting my wishlist:

  1. Versace Bright Crystal Eau de toilette (no body lotion please)
  2. DKNY Be Delicious (the pink one)
  3. Donation to “revamp Mel’s failing wardrobe”…the actual wardrobe, not the clothes inside
  4. Donation to get a new digicam
  5. A year’s subscription to Elle/ Shape/ Female magazine
  6. More sales at
  7. 50% pay rise
  8. To pass my JLPT N2 in Dec
  9. Mulberry Alexa satchel in grape
  10. A boy toy
  11. Face Shop gel masks
  12. SKII miracle water
  13. Vouchers
  14. Dinner at Jaan/ Iggy’s/ that Japanese restaurant at Marina Bay Sands
  15. A holiday
  16. Skull Candy earphones with the ear hooks! In shocking pink and black!!

Haha…ok, points 7-10, 14-15 are just my far-out wishes that my dear friends can’t purchase for me.

Cubey bought me jewellery parts to add to my sales on Oct 1983 😀  Thanks to everybody for your lovely presents!! 🙂

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