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I think I should become a food blogger.  Haha…just kidding.  I can’t stick to one topic on my blog.  Anyway, my mum and I went to this Korean restaurant recommended by my uncle – Kim’s Family Korean restaurant.

Look at the number of appetizers!! These come FREE with ANY mains.  I’m serious. My mum had a Bibimbap while I had the So-bulgogi (beef).  I didn’t bother taking any photos of our dishes because they look like any other Bibimbap and Bulgogi although they are very generous with the mushrooms and beef.

We were prepared.  We came right smack at noon to avoid the lunch crowd and we came on empty stomachs.  I wouldn’t say that  the appetizers were wow but it was worth it!  I only paid $22 for our meal and both of us were full.  Which Korean restaurant gives you SOOOO much food for $22?  Mind you, all these appetizers are refillable!

The ambiance of the place is like cafe-meets-family living room.  There is a huge Samsung TV which they switch on sometimes to show korean dramas and footie matches.  There are drawings on the wall (bring a marker if you want to add your graffiti art) which range from cute to advertisements to random ‘I was here’ notes.

To end off your meal, they will give you a small cup of plum tea (yummy!!) and slices of watermelon.  I wouldn’t say that this is a 5-star meal but the quality and authenticity is definitely there!  All in all, just try!  After your meal, you can hop on down to Udders next door for FANTASTIC ice creams!

Kim’s Family Restaurant
17 Lorong Kilat
(closed on Sundays)

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