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 That is a picture of 2 Bai Ling mushrooms.  They’re ginormous!!! Each of them are resting on your typical styrofoam plate…so imagine.  My bought it as her ex-colleagues told her that it is very smooth and crunchy.  I cooked it with spaghetti…ie. spaghetti al funghi.  Tossed it with loads of garlic, butter and white wine.  Mmm….yum!  I must say that I was quite pleased with myself 😉

On to more yummy stuff…I had lunch with a couple of colleagues (my farewell lunch…more on that in another post) at Caffe Pralet, Tiong Bahru.  Their cakes are divine….you’ve been warned…drool…

Lychee Martini Cake
Dragonfruit cheese cake

Mirin (sweet sake) cake

They even have gingerbread boys and girls!  Above is the girl and it was sooo adorable that I couldn’t resist getting it.  It costs only $2.80 anyways.

I made plum wine jelly too…tada….!! Hur hur…I posted it up on facebook to make my friends jealous. Hiak hiak hiak.

Ok…enough of food.  I’m starting to sound like a glutt. 😛

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