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Yes!!  I finally bought myself a new camera!!!  I know that a lot of people have told me that Canon is still the best but I’m a huge Sony fan and I find that their interface is a lot easier to maneuver.  Pretty??  They didn’t have this model in pink so the best is purple.  The salesguy is so helpful too.  Thanks Marcus!!  We spent a good half an hour trying out all the different cameras and since he’s such a photography fan, he started telling me why he’s hooked onto the W-series of Sony and although he originally wanted to recommend another camera (which was super expensive), he was nice enough to recommend this ‘cheaper’ one. 🙂

Yay….this means that I now have a new cammie to take pics of my jewellery etc!!  Now…I must rush for the Christmas sale…keep an eye out for that!


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