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During dinner at Din Tai Fung last night, 2 idiots came by and sat down next to my table.

Guy 1: I want to eat truffle dumplings.
Guy 2: Huh? Where is it? (looking through the menu)
Guy1: It’s not here…I want to eat it cos I heard about it.

My ears perked up because I love truffles and was hoping that the guy would just say where this truffle dumpling was being sold.  However, there is a reason why I called them idiots in the intro.

Guy 1: Anyway, I think it’ll taste weird.  Sweet and then salty…
Guy 2: Ya…very weird, sweet sweet…


Guys…truffles are mushrooms. Horribly expensive mushrooms that are harvested by pigs and dogs.  They’re not chocolates you dohtz.  Chocolate truffles were named after these famed mushrooms by mimicking the creamy and velvety texture and flavour.

Some people need to read more…

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