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My Christmas themed nails! Cute eh? 😀

Anyway, I just HAD to blog about my Christmas Eve because it didn’t start off in the best way.  I was walking out of my house on my way to work when the sole of my shoe came off! It was a new pair!!! Ah well…cheap pair of shoes. The story goes on.  When I was hobbling back home (uphill too), this cleaner came up closer to me, smiled at my waddling and said, “Heehehe…只要粘住它就行了 (t/n: you only need to glue it).”  DUH.  But I don’t carry tubes of glue in my handbag, do I??? She then proceeded to ask me where I lived. I pointed to the block up ahead and she then went, “那就回家去换鞋!(t: then you should go home and change your shoes!)”  Double DUH.  That’s why I’m walking back home in the morning despite being dressed for work! -_-;

After changing my shoes, I took a cab to work and had the (mis)fortune of getting into the taxi of Singapore’s ‘blurrest’ driver.  I told him to take Orchard road and go straight down to my office at Raffles City Tower. 

Driver:  Orchard Road 不会塞车么?(Wouldn’t Orchard Road be congested?”
Me:  不会。因为早上没有人去购物。(No, because nobody will be shopping in the morning.)

We then reached a traffic light which had turned red and there was a whole long row of cars waiting for the light to turn green.  Furthermore, these cars were on the right turning lane.

Driver:  你看!我每次早上来就会这样塞车!(Look! It’s always this congested when I come in the morning!)

I mentally rolled my eyes.  There was a sign that read that Orchard Road would be closed tomorrow from 1pm to 1am. 

Driver:  1pm to 1am.  那不是很短?(Isn’t that very short?)
Me:  Uncle, 是十二个小时哦!(it’s 12 hours!)
(long pause)
Driver:  是喔!(Oh yeah!)

Yet another mental eye roll session.  The driver then proceeded to comment on the Christmas decoration on all the shopping centres.  When we drove past Ngee Ann City:

Driver:  为什么益安城没有啊?(Why does Ngee Ann City not have any decoration?)
Me:  Uncle, Ngee Ann 每年都没有啊!他们 是佛教的!(Uncle, Ngee Ann doesn’t have any decorations every year! They’re Buddhists!)
Driver: 他们是佛教啊?(They’re Buddhists?) 那,那个日本公司也没有?(The Japanese company too? – referring to Takashimaya.)
Me:  里面就有但是益安城不是他们的,当然外面不能做!(There are decorations inside but Ngee Ann City isn’t theirs so of course they can’t decorate the building!)

I had to tell the driver where to turn right, otherwise, he would have gone straight down and I would’ve ended up at Suntec City or Marina Square! When he turned right, I told him specifically to enter via the second entrance.

Driver:  不是这个啊?(Not this one?)
Me: 不是。第二个入口。(No. The second entrance.)
Driver:  是新的啊?(It’s new?)
Me: 不是。(No.)

I had to insist a few more times before he believed that this entrance was not new.  My mental sums isn’t that great but this driver beats me.  I had to calculate how much the total sum was for him and how much change he needed to return to me. -__-;;  The total fare was $12.45 and I passed him $15.

Driver:  总共是。。。$12.45。你又没有$2?(The total is…$12.45. Do you have $2?)
Me: No.
Driver: 我需要还你。。。(I need to return…)
Me: $2.55
Driver: 你又没有$1? (Do you have $1?)
Me: No.

Thank goodness he eventually gave me my change and then I was free to go to my office and tell my taxi tales to my colleagues!  What a start to my Christmas.  Anyway, y’all have a great Christmas and stay sane!!!

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