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Welcome to my latest find and obsession…

Above is the Apple Green Tea granitas drink with yoghurt squirties from Dessert.cup. Once you’ve drunk this, you’ll think, “Koi? Gong cha? Who cares?!” The yoghurt squirties are a MUST HAVE! They’re small bubbles/ pearls filled with yoghurt and they squirt out once you bite on them. How cool is that?

I’ve tried their Lemonis crush (refreshing!) and their Orange Peach (delish!) as well. The drinks start from $3.50 (novice) to $5.50 (expert) and the yoghurt squirties are an additional $0.50. The thing I love about their drinks is that they are au naturel. I ordered the orange chocolate for a colleague and they used chocolate ice cream blended with half a frozen orange! As for the apple green tea, they used frozen apples! Now…that’s tons ‘healthier’ than the creamer used in Koi and Gong Cha bubble teas. Although I must say that I still love the Alishan tea and Purple Plum drink with white pearls from Gong Cha.

Oh…did I mention that they have uber yummy looking cupcakes? The above is the Baileys espresso. I must say that the chocolate cupcake itself wasn’t mindblowing but the cream was solid. The disappointing part was that I couldn’t taste any Bailey’s. I could taste the coffee though.

I tried their Tokyo Geisha (sorry, no pics) and I must say that this was TONS better. The green tea cupcake was chockful of matcha flavour and was nicely balanced with the azuki topping and cream. Two thumbs up for this. If you’re adventurous, please try their popcorn, mushroom and sundried tomato flavoured cupcakes (they’re savoury). Tell me what your verdict is. 🙂

Dessert.cup can be found at B1 of Raffles City Shopping Centre.

Chinese New Year is approaching and since its the year of the rabbit, I got a rabbit pedicure!! Cute???? 😀 Heee…now, what design should I get after CNY?

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