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The latest Jill Stuart Emook is out and it comes with the most amazingly roomy make up pouch! I couldn’t resist it and for SGD 31, it was a worthwhile buy because I managed to put in ALL my makeup…except for some brushes and my eyelash curler.  Otherwise, this is a lot MORE organised than my previous make up pouch which is more like a toiletry bag.  The catalogue that comes along with it just makes you drool over the uber cute blusher brush (I want!!).

Ok…so Jill Stuart cosmetics aren’t available in Singapore.  I’m seriously considering taking orders for it.  Do let me know if you’re interested in purchasing! 🙂

Btw, if you notice, the above photo looks a bit different from my usual photo shots.  That’s because I’m currently obsessed with taking photos with Instagram (go d/l it for free on the App store).  This was how the original photo looked like –>

I’ve been playing with all the filters and I think I’m going to have a post that is just full of my random shots.  Alternatively, you can follow me on Instagram!

Going along with the pink theme for this post…check out my new pair of shoes!! Love them!! They’re gorgeous and the best part is that I bought them for almost 50% off at Stradivarius!  The heels look super high but it has a platform in front so the actual height of the heels is about 3 inches.

Ok…next post shall be all the cool pics that I filtered via Instagram!!

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