Day out with the family at the Botanics!

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Went to the Botanical Gardens last week to walk Baileys and just get some family bonding time.  First thing we saw when we entered the gardens was this…

Still don’t know what that is?  It’s a banana plant with a freaking LONG ‘branch’ full of bananas!! The thing is as tall as my mum!! Unbelievable!!!

Oooh…ducklings! Oh ‘swanlets’ as I like to call them. 🙂

My prince – Baileys.  Looking mighty happy with the smells and the chance to romp around the gardens.

Ooh…what did Baileys see?  The mother swan??

I can’t believe that we walked for nearly 3 hours…after the walk, we went to Dempsey for a nice lunch.

Note: if you have pets, only Olio Dome and Jones the Grocers have outdoor seating.  Jones the Grocers does not allow reservations and it’s always packed for Sunday brunch so do go early.  I wanted to go to House BUT House doesn’t open their alfresco dining area until dinner service.  I prefer to have my meal at Dempsey rather than the Botanical Gardens because the prices are more reasonable and you don’t have to queue to buy your own food. 😀

Now…where else can I bring Baileys for a nice walky??

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