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Besides Siem Reap, I did go to the capital Phnom Penh and over there, we went to the Prison Museum S21 – one of the few notorious prisons during the Khmer Rouge where thousands of prisoners were tortured and killed.   The Khmer Rouge converted a high school into this place of horror.  Warning: the following photos are quite depressing…

One of the silver linings was meeting 1 of the 7 survivors.  Mr Bou Meng managed to survive thanks to his artistic talents.  Sadly, his wife and children were not so fortunate.

Above – skull with a gunshot wound through the skull
The cells were puny. Big enough for only 1 person to lie down and all the inmates were not allowed to communicate with each other.

The visit to this prison museum was a sobering one.  I cannot understand how humans could inflict such pain and terror to another fellow human.  We’re not talking about merely shooting humans with guns or whacking them with batons/ sticks.  These people systematically tortured innocent civilians who were there for no proper reason other than to be accused of being traitors! That said, the human spirit is strong and kudos to the survivors who are no longer holding onto thoughts of vengeance but are moving forward in their lives.

Live on, love on.

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