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Went to Yong Peng, JB on Saturday for a durian trip where we ate a buffet durian lunch!!! Check out the durians hanging from the plantation….

The bus loads of Singaporeans who came down JUST to eat durians…

Hahaha…we decided to make funny faces as if our mouths were full of durians….lalalalala

After lunch, we went to Jusco and as Sing as feeling a bit peckish, we went to this Shabu-shabu restaurant where they served charcoal ice cream.

Tastes like sandy vanilla ice cream.  It’s supposed to be good for your body…maybe it’s just to help with your bowels…

If you want to eat yummy otah…THE place to get it from in JB is the 小妹 otak-otak.  I took a pic of the contact details.  I believe that they’ve got bulk order discounts.  I can’t believe my friends bought 10-12 pieces each.  Mind you, the pieces weren’t small…they’re like 5cm x 5cm and 1cm thick!

After the shopping, we went to the bay for dinner and it was just a very nice way to end the day of eating with…more eating!!

The whole trip cost us S$60/pax which is super worth it since it covered our Nasi Lemak breakfast at a mushroom farm, buffet durian lunch, trip to ‘Yoyo’ which sells lots of tidbits and local cakes, trip to a bird’s nest factory, shopping and 10-course Chinese dinner at the end of it all.

Will I go next year? You betcha!

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