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I’m sooo going to go broke this month! Last Sat, we celebrated Chow’s birthday…

Then it was off to celebrate Missy Jean’s birthday on Friday night at KPO! The drinks were just the way I like them…STRONG!

It started with me and Leopard taking a shot in front of KPO with the fancy schmancy cars (think Porsches and Ferraris)while we were still sober and not falling off our heels.

I fear this bloated face thing is starting to catch on…

Then it’s with the whole gang! Well…half actually…

Us playing with Leopard’s “mee sua”

Leopard brought her MJ gloves that night to paarrrty! She was on a roll…she had it all planned! Zouk was next on her list with her other pawpals.

I celebrated my best mate, Sing’s bday last Sat as well but for some reason, all of us were so caught up with talking and eating that we never took any photos!! Amazing.  I went to her house after dinner for a movie and stayed till 3am in the morning.  No points for guessing how zombified I felt on Sunday.  Haha…ah well…I’m going to be broke this month man…3 birthdays and a wedding to go.  I know that Qing’s ROM is also coming up but I’m going to give it a miss and will attend the traditional ceremony meant for family!

I went to a colleague’s housewarming party on Sat as well so…my wallet is definitely feeling the pinch.  Now…have to scrimp and save.  Maybe this is a good time to start dieting.  😛

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