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1035 Met up with Cubey for “Harry Potter”. Mission begins!

1500 After lunch, headed to Mind Cafe at Boat Quay to fulfill part 2 of mission – distract Cubey with boardgames till 6pm.

1800  Mission part 2 completed.  Now commencing ‘lure Cubey to Pan Pacific with excuse of fake foreign client who wants me to go over to his hotel to collect his form, which I have to witness personally’.

1830  Reached Pan Pacific hotel. Met with co-conspirator in the Concierge.  Told Cubey that we tried calling my client’s room but nobody answered.  We were to go to his room.

1845  Approaching room while Cubey kept on going, “I do not want to enter a crime scene. I do not want to call 999.”

1849  Door opens and Cubey is pushed in.  Mission “Proposal” successfully accomplished!

Check out the bliinnnnnngggg. Someone, please pass me a pair of sunnies.

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