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I went to the Vineyard restaurant located at Hort Park for a site visit and this is the main entrance…

I love the open deck space with the deck chairs.  There are ball lights next to the water, which will be lit at night.  I can almost imagine lounging there with a bottle of wine and just chillaxing with friends.

You’re greeted with shelves filled with bottles of wine as you walk in and it opens to a nice cosy area that’s a cross between rustic and industrial.  Rustic thanks to the wood ceiling, floor and unfinished ‘planks’ for their huge tables accompanied by cowhide floor rugs and velvet chairs.  Industrial from the metal legs of the tables and chairs.

Sorry…I only took a pic of the Insalata Caprese as I sent it to my bro to make him jealous! Hahaha…

It was excellente! So were the spring rolls with the yummy tamarind sauce and their Vineyard salad was interesting.  However, I’m not a mustard person so I wasn’t a happy chomper on that.

There were 3 of us so we shared the following mains: Wagyu ribeye, snapper fillet with a lemon caper sauce and smoked chicken fettuccine.  The ribeye was soooo tender that you don’t need a steak knife to cut through it.  Now, THAT’s what I call a steak!  The snapper was really good too! The skin was crispy and the meat wasn’t overcooked.  It had squash in the middle of the fillets and it was so unbelievably buttery.  After eating those 2 dishes, the fettuccine was sadly blase.  Not that it didn’t taste good…but it didn’t wow the tastebuds.

For dessert, we shared a single sticky date pudding with vanilla ice cream because we were so full.  I LOVE it.  The sticky date pudding wasn’t too sweet and it was nice and soft.  The vanilla ice cream tasted so wholesome and natural too.  Mmm….yums!

No…I’m not getting anything from advertising them…haha…but I really like the ambience of the place.  Do note that Vineyard opens from 12 noon to 3pm for lunch and opens again at 6pm for dinner.  Hort Park’s gates close at 11pm so you’ll be shooed off by 10.30pm. Go try!

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