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Oops…this is a super late post…BUT…we celebrated Leopard’s birthday last week!

As you can tell, Ms Leopard is so-called thanks to her love of all things leopard! Which is why, the Leopard Queen is sitting on her throne with all her leopard print presents! I managed to get her a leopard print tank top from Bershka, a leopard print lanyard AND a small leopard print bag.  If I had more time, I’d probably add more leopard print stuff to the pile.

My colleagues and I chanced upon this Maid Cafe at Funan called Kawaii Ko-hii (literally means ‘cute coffee’) while walking back from lunch one day.  We saw those leopard print chairs and knew that Ms Leopard will fall in love with it.  I told her about and it and you should see how her eyes sparkled at the mention of LEOPARD PRINT CHAIRS.

Notice how Leopard blends into the chair??  She jokingly said that she was going to steal one of the chairs.

We hung out, had drinks and some finger food.  I DO NOT recommend the wedges.  They’re dry and aren’t tasty at all.  Kindly note that potato wedges should be made with Russet Potatoes and NOT local ones which are much more suited to curries.

Please don’t condemn me for this super act-cute photo!! It was tough posing like that ok! But we couldn’t help it because the table had a cutesy Japanese girl with cat ears doing her pouty thing.  We just HAD to mimic her.  かわいいくないの?

Anyway…HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEOPARD!  Hope you enjoyed yourself that day and may there be many more memorable birthdays to come!

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