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Hi all! Sorry for the late post but I just came back from Hong Kong and Macau.  I went to Hong Kong to visit my bro who’s currently doing his MBA internship there as well as to visit some of my HK friends!  It has been 3 years since I’ve last gone to Hong Kong and quite a lot of things have changed! I’m glad that IFC, H&M and some other familiar places are still there though.  Haha…well, Ritz Carlton has since moved to Kowloon instead of the main HK island and their bar, Ozone, is now the new hot spot!  Check out the view from the 118th floor!

 That’s my reflection in the glass. Wasn’t expecting this since I used my camera’s twilight feature…but I reckon that it’s quite cool!

 Me and the lovely Carol!
 Dim Sum lunch at Fook Loon Moon (very yummy!) with Keru-chan.  Thank you Kel for the treat and all the best to your upcoming wedding! Yes, I will be there!
 My bro the foodie then brought us to this old-school dessert shop where the 龟鳞糕 was filled right to the top of the bowl and tasted really herby, the 芝麻糊 was thick with rich sesame taste and my mum had the most interesting dessert of all…
 Yup…that’s a whole egg in a sweet soup that kind of reminded me of 清汤 but less longans.
Met up with another friend, Vicky, for dinner that day and after a meal of delicious char siew and roast duck, we headed off to yet another famous dessert stall in Causeway Bay that served all milk products.
 It is a very milky custard thing…but I think I prefer their mango milk.  Tasted like liquid mango pudding. Yums!
 Having filled our tummies to the brim, we decided to walk to Times Square and although I wasn’t too enthused at first, I fell in love with the art that was being exhibited there!
 Hehe…groovy queen and fat Bruce Lee! Coolios!
 All these ‘statues’ were made from paper by this Korean artist.  I’m not joking!

  Fat Wonder Woman!!! Woots!
 Fat and short Spiderman as well as an Asian Snow White! Sooo cute….

 Journey to the West or FROM the West? This is the most political art piece yet and it is quite hilarious…
 The next day, we met up with our old neighbours and ate at the famous Mak’s Place Wonton Noodles.  The noodles were quite nice but the servings were really small for HKD30.  As such, we headed off to a coffee place where we could sit, chat and eat more…
 Before you think I’m a greedy pig, I shared that with my bro. He just refused to take a pic with it.  Haha…
 After dessert, we walked over to IFC for a short bout of shopping and the above pic is the view from there.  See that tall building?  That’s the ICC where Ritz Carlton is and Ozone is right on top!
Soon after, we made our way to Victoria Peak to watch the sun set. 

 The next day, we headed off to Macau! We had a fantastic package with The Venetian where we had a suite with 2 queen sized beds, breakfast and 2 complimentary tickets to the Cirque du Soleil show – ZAiA.

Check out the suite…
 Gotta love the Portuguese influence in Macau…
 The ruins of St. Paul

 Below are pictures of the remaining stone foundations.

View from the bottom of the ruins…towards Senado Square.

 Tada…below is Senado Square where all the shopping is at!
 Went back to The Venetian where they actually have an opera singer sing in their Grand Canal Shoppes.
 Reminds you of MBS much?
 Went off to watch ZAiA!!

I must say that Cirque du Soleil is very graceful and it is a very graceful presentation of acrobatics and humour (mainly from the clowns).  However…it really is a repackaging of acrobatic acts.  Beautiful nonetheless. 🙂 
My trip to Macau was too short…I seriously need to go back there again and just soak in the historical elements, shop a bit more (omg…the Grand Canal Shoppes in Venetian is so darn huge) and eat more Portuguese egg tarts!

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