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I woke up this morning with sharp pains coming from my left side.  I just went to the company GP and then she started getting worried because the pain was coming from the area that is right smack where my ovary is.  So…it could be my ovary or my intestines.  Doesn’t help that I have borderline poly-cystic ovarian syndrome.  This is the first time I was given a letter to go to the A&E department of SGH asap.  Not kidding.

Arrived at A&E at around 8.45am and I felt like a herded sheep.  The process goes like this:

  1. Take temperature and queue number
  2. When queue number is flashed, go to the ‘Triange’ room (don’t ask me what that is)
  3. Doctor there will then read referral letter, take your blood pressure and pass you a pee cup if necessary
  4. Go and pee into said cup
  5. Pass pee cup back to doctor and wait in another area for queue number to be called once again
  6. Wait for an hour or more
  7. Go into consultation room
  8. Draw some blood for blood test

At this point, I had explained my sharp pains 3 times.  Was prodded 3 times and felt sharper pains each time they pressed the sore and tender area.  Urine test came out clean.  No UTI or any other infection.  Doctor in this consultation room had to call a gynae and guess what I had to do? Yup…wait. Oh…and I had to drink lots of water so that the ultrasound scan will be effective.  Remember…I had to pee earlier.  Now, I had to down cups of water. -__-;

After 40 mins…I couldn’t take it anymore as I had the urge to go to the loo.  Went to the nurse and explained my situation but gynae still wasn’t around.  Nurse’s advice was to go and release if I couldn’t handle it anymore and to just drink more water once I was out of the toilet. -__-;;  Did just that and voila! The gynae chose to arrive.

Scan, scan, scan…she couldn’t see my left ovary…hence, we had to take a short walk to the gynae ward just so that she could use the better ultrasound machine.  This time, I reallllly needed to pee.  Well, she saw my resident cysts and said, “There’s nothing to be worried about.  The cysts haven’t ruptured.”  Then, back to the A&E to wait once more.

It was already 1.30pm at this point in time.  The doctor from the 2nd consultation room finally came out, told me that gynae has given me the clear sign so I had to take an X-ray to check whether it’s my bowels or anything else.  Oh…this time, I was also given a painkiller to finally stop the sharp pains!

Herded to the X-ray area to be gowned and then X-ray of my chest and hips were taken.  Then…it was off to lunch and then back to the same place 2 hours later to await the results of my blood test and X-ray.

2.35pm…I just went to the nurse’s station and told them that I was instructed to come back to check on my blood test and X-ray.  Interestingly enough, the nurses saw that my blood test results were in! Woot! I only waited 15 mins this time before the doctor saw me again and gave me the good news that nothing’s wrong with my intestines nor did I have any infection.  So…what’s the cause for my pain? Possible tiny stones in my urethra.  She couldn’t see any stones in my kidneys…so that’s even better news.  All I have to do now is drink loads of water to just flush them out.

So yes…that was how I spent the day after my holiday – in the hospital.  Sheesh…only got a day’s medical leave and still had to pay $90 for it all.  Well, it’s considered cheap since I had so many tests done in the day.  Ah well…off to bed now and it’s work tomorrow!

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