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On Monday, I was walking to the MRT station and when I was crossing the road, my heel tripped onto something and I fell. I twisted and sprained my left ankle while scraping my right knee. So sad that my favourite pair of trousers got ripped in the process. 🙁

The fall really caused my body to be in shock and I think a lot of blood suddenly rushed downwards cos I felt really faint and had to sit on the pavement to regain some composure.

Thankfully, a stranger who was walking just ahead of me had seen me fall. She was so nice as to stay by my side while I called my mum and texted my boss. When my mum came, I stood up but immediately felt really dizzy. Dizzy to the point where I didn’t refuse the lady’s daughter’s slippers and her offer to drive me home. I’m so grateful to her and I thank god for ensuring that although I got hurt, there’s a kind person to help me get home safely.

Those who know me will know that ice sprained both ankles several times but this is really the worst sprain EVER! My ankle ballooned to twice it’s size and even I’m afraid to touch it.

Anyhow, I’m feeling much better now. I went to see a Chinese physician after seeing a western trained one so that my ankle will heal faster. There’s less pain today (maybe it’s the painkiller talking) and my ankle feels less stiff.

Alas, no high heels for the rest of the month till my ankle is fully healed. 🙁

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