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I am totally mooncaked out. I’m soon turning into a moon! I had a mooncake party with my department on Friday evening and on Sat evening, the girls met up for another mooncake party at Sing’s parents’ place!

Above is Cooper, the mini poodle who is blending into the rug.  He was part of our entertainment of the evening.

After some Texas Fried Chicken (yum…better than Popeyes), we headed off to the roof terrace to play with our lanterns and eat some yummy mooncakes!

I brought some snowskin mooncakes from Szechuan Court, Fairmont Hotel while Kewei brought a box of Yam mooncakes from the former Crown Prince hotel.  Yay! Me love…. <3

Sing bought a pomelo too and we ate all with tea.  Perfect!  The weather was cool and we had such a good time just chit chatting.

Oh…Sing’s parents have a k-box equivalent thingy in their house.  So…after our pig out session, we went into karaoke mode and sang till 1am! I think that we would’ve continued singing if it wasn’t for her mum coming downstairs to tell us to stop our ‘concert’.  Haha…. (* ” *)

It’s so nice to hang out with the girls.  I really need to do such stuff more often!  Eat more mooncakes yo!  This is the only time you get to gorge yourselves silly!!

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