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My birthday celebrations started on Wed, 12 Oct evening where I had dinner with my parents at Vineyard @ HortPark (yes, I realy do like this place).  I was so preoccupied with eating their fab food that I only remembered to take photos halfway through dessert!

Above is the very yummy Banana tempura with vanilla ice cream, drizzled with caramel sauce.  Sounds a lot more glam than ‘goreng pisang’ right?  Below is the demolished sticky date pudding with vanilla ice cream. Very yummy!!

On Thu, 13 Oct (my actual birthday), I went to Ku De Ta for lunch with Mel Li and was very amused to see that they’ve concocted a drink after Angry Bird!

Our Lunch!!

Complimentary KDT Bounty Cake!!

Panoramic view of the city

Then it was dinner with my ex-goldies Jen and Dave at Jang Shou Korean BBQ at Esplanade…

Followed by drinks at Harry’s @ Esplanade where we ordered a bottle of The Pink Elephant Rose.  So cute…

I was pleasantly surprised to find a rose on my bed when I went home.  Courtesy of my mum who went to the Our Lady of Fatima procession in church that evening. 🙂  Gotta love my mum…

On Fri, 14 Oct, I celebrated my birthday with my close friends and colleagues at House@ Dempsey where they ordered this humongous Chai Chocolate cake!!  The funny thing was that they placed the cake in front of Siew Mai at first because I had hijacked her hat for most of the evening so they recognised the bday girl as “the one wearing the hat”.

That’s me saying how huge this cake was…and they gave me a wimpish knife to cut it with. -__-;

Here goes…stab stab stab….give up.  I asked the waiter to cut it up for us and to plate it for us too.

They gave me extra blackberries!! 🙂

The wonderful presents from my colleagues and friends!  Thank you to everyone!!  I feel really lucky and blessed to be surrounded by such loving family and friends.  Hugs!!

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