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It’s Halloween week so I decided to go with the Halloween theme for my nails!  That’s spidey with his web!!  Sorry if it’s not clear…I added a filter to give it that vintage, spooky feel…*cue evil laugh* Here’s how I did it:

  1. Base coat to protect
  2. OPI Pink
  3. Sasa white.  I made sure that the brush was not dripping with polish and then I dabbed the nails with the tip.  Alternatively, you can use a make up sponge to dab the polish.  You don’t need to be neat about this.
  4. I used Fasio’s Sparkle to cover the white dabbed area. 
  5. Wait. Important! You MUST wait for all the layers to dry before drawing on the web!!
  6. I used FaceShop’s Black Nail Dot pen to draw the web but you can use a small fine tip brush and normal black polish.  Start from the bottom by drawing an inverted V.
  7. On top of the inverted V, draw a curved M and then join the peaks of the V and M
  8. For the spider, I first drew a big blob and then drew on 8 legs at the sides before drawing the top most ‘web’
  9. Wait.  Again, you must let your spider dry
  10. I used FaceShop’s Silver Nail Dot pen to dot the eyes of the spider.  Again, you can use a dotting tool or a brush, whichever you are most comfortable with.  Instead of silver, you can use white or red if you want an evil spider.
  11. Once everything is dry, top it off with top coat to seal everything and to give it an even glossy finish

Voila!  You’re done!! 🙂

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