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Je’taime Paris?  This week’s nails is cute, frilly but yet relatively simple to do.  Below is a close up of the Eiffel Tower on my thumb.  I didn’t draw this on my right hand because I’m not ambidextrous…apologies for the bad pic qualities as the light and my camera refused to work with me today.

Here’s how you can get this:

  1. Base coat
  2. Choose a nice pastel base colour.  Mine’s Canmake no. 20 pink.  You might want to try baby blue or lavender.
  3. You can add white stripes along as well but I just topped it off with Nicole’s Nude Pink to give it a softer look.
  4. For the frills, I first drew a semi circle and then filled in with black nail polish.  Do this for your index, third and last finger.
  5. Once the half moon is dry, use a black nail polish pen to draw scallops along it.
  6. For the Eiffel Tower, use the same black nail polish pen to draw an upside down V
  7. Join the V with an arc
  8. Draw a horizontal line through the upside down V, with the middle resting on the top of the arc
  9. Draw a short horizontal line at the top and make this one thick
  10. Write the word ‘Paris’ (or any French word for that matter) in cursive next to the Eiffel Tower
  11. Top it all off with some glitter polish to give it a bit of sparkle
  12. I used a silver nail polish pen to draw a couple of hearts on my ring finger nail
  13. Seal it all off with top coat

Voila! Simple, non? You can add white stripes after the base colour too but I reckon that you need a steady hand (especially on your non-master hand) and a fine tip brush.  I’ve jazzed up my toe nails with some red hot nail polish and leopard prints too but that’ll wait till my next post!!

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