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Here it is…the post of Qing & Kelvin’s customary wedding dinner!  It was held at Capella Hotel, Sentosa.
Cousin Ai Lian is the hottie in red while Jesslyn is in the middle.  If only I’d known, I would have worn my falsies too…can’t see my eyelashes!!
Above is the sweets table where guests could load up on lollies, golden choc coins, marshmallows, cookies and cupcakes.
We cousins with the bride!! Darn it…as usual, I’m the shortest…Ailian – stop wearing heels!!  Qing’s dress was customised but she didn’t manage to tell me who did it for her.  Haha…I didn’t expect my lace dress to match her lace sleeves.
The flower girl aka the niece.
The door gift.  Inside was a bookmark, which my cousin is now using as a ‘badge’.
The couple cutting the cake which was a green tea chocolate cake.
 My nephew (cousin’s son) was fooling around with the napkin, pretending to strangle himself and what not.  He soon took all the door gift boxes and turned them into a train.
With the lovely Patricia Mok.

Very red dress change where Kelvin wore a matching red Chinese vest with a Mao collar.

All in all, it was quite a lovely event and all the best to the couple!!  Enjoy your honeymoon and the many years to come.  Um…will I be expecting any more nieces or nephews? Hehehe….

Updated as of Oct 2014:
As most of you know, Kelvin and Qing are currently separated and divorce proceedings are underway. I’ll leave them the due privacy in this personal matter. 

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