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Check this out…was invited down to Google Singapore’s Holiday Gathering and Open House last Thu (yup, when MRT decided to break down) at their new digs at Asia Square – part of the new buildings at the Marina Bay Financial district.

Google hired the same photography group that took those instant-print photos at Wenqing’s wedding!  Below is me taking a photo of Willy taking a photo of me. Haha!

I found it so cute that they named their staff restaurant canteen ‘Goopitiam’ which is in reference to our Kopitiams (coffee shops).  I am soooo jealous of it though.  Imagine – free lunch everyday?  They also have cans of lemon tea, soda, coke, litres of soya bean milk, Snapple and even a machine that squeezes fresh orange juice! Heard from my salesperson that the kitchen serves porridge and other foods in the mornings. 

Banana leaf curry anyone?

Wine, pistachio ice cream topped with candied peanuts with candlelight setting amid the Goopitiam’s other lighting.  Both were yum. 🙂

Their reception – cool and very approachable.  Very Google, isn’t it?

Check out their ‘micro’ kitchen.  It’s freaking huge.  It’s even larger than my home kitchen and the spread of food and drinks reminds me of 7-11.  And they call it ‘micro’.  To make things worse, it’s only ONE out of the several other kitchens that they have. I have kitchen envy now.
They also have TWO, not one but TWO, massage rooms in their office!!! How cool is that?  I didn’t manage to snap some shots but the Google Singapore office has a karaoke room, a games room with Playstation, a ping pong table, a pool table, 2 hammocks and a swing.  I’m sure they’ve got other toys for their employees…just didn’t manage to see them.

Sir Stamford Raffles the rap star/ graffiti artist?  I guess he was one of the pioneer men to stand with his arms folded in the super cool manner.

Now…we come to their massive kitchen. That’s just the dining portion.  I already had major kitchen envy so…let’s just say that the portion with the fridges, microwave, dishwasher etc is larger than my bedroom and parents’ bedroom combined.  Imagine.

This wall is so cute.  True Googlism.

Although I didn’t win any prizes that evening, I had fun and am looking forward to next year’s Holiday Gathering!! 🙂

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