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Attended yet another JC classmate’s wedding on Sunday and it was held at the Grand Hyatt hotel’s Grand Ballroom.

The presentation of the first dish was rather interesting.  They dimmed all the lights and then they played the Disney song “Be Our Guest” while the wait staff came out with the platters.  I tried taking a video but there wasn’t enough light. 🙁  Anyway, below is the platter of the Grand Hyatt delights, which is mainly chill clam, fried prawns with mayo, some kind of sushi, fried yam (was fooled into thinking there’s prawn cos they stuck the prawn tails into the yam ‘balls’) and…I can’t remember what the last fried thingy was.

We didn’t manage to take any photos with the couple due to time constraint…so…Jem & Mich, maybe we’ll photoshop you guys into this photo later…ditto for those classmates who couldn’t make it either. LOL.

The couple entertained us by doing the tango!  Wow! Never knew that Jem had any dancing bones in him!! Hahaha…that was good fun.

Could tell that there was a lot of love and spiritual connection between the couple because of how they met, their ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ were mainly from church and how they praised and thank god for bringing them together. Awww….

Chok asked me and Moon when it was going to be our turns. Um…find me a suitable bf first, then we’ll talk k? Haha. 😉  Ok…no more weddings lined up till end 2012 (I think).  Phew. My wallet can now take a deserved break while I sit back, relax and enjoy Christmas!!!

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