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I’m so sick of my weight going up while I’m still exercising!  I do know that it’s a hormonal issue and while my gynae tries to find out exactly what is wrong with me (I had to do a minor surgery on Mon), I’m going on a new diet regime that involves unprocessed foods and I’m cutting down on soy products because they contain phyto-estrogens which may cause my hormones to be further unbalanced.

Essentially, I am cutting out:
1.  Processed cheeses such as Chesdale etc
2.  Hams
3.  Canned foods
4.  Instant noodles/ meals
5.  Soy products
6.  Roasted nuts
7.  Chips and other snacks
8.  Noodles
9.  Margarine

I’ll be loading up on:
1.  Fresh fruits
2.  Fresh vegetables
3.  Whole nuts
4.  Whole grains
5.  Steamed/ Grilled meats and/or fish
6.  Potatoes/ sweet potatoes
7.  Brown Rice or Quinoa
8.  Rice/ Hazelnut milk
9.  Butter/ Olive oil

I find it easy to follow this diet programme when I’m at home but during work, it’s really tough because everything is all processed, full of salt and low in nutrients.  Ah well…let’s see how this guideline works in a month’s time!!

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