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I had bought some discount vouchers via Reebonz a couple of months back so last night, I decided to bring the family to eat them crabs before they expire.  So…we headed to the House of Seafood located in Changi.  It was a bit out of the way but the place surprised us by having rows of cars parked outside it! This particular branch was really cosy as the alfresco area had individual canopies, a koi pond in the middle (these koi are fed through milk bottles) and a small enclosure with 2 bunnies.

Ok…back to the food.  We ordered their signature Salted Egg crab, steamed crab ($50 for 900g), beancurd with spinach and conpoy as well as Strawberry beer.

 The beancurd ($16) was very yummy and the fragrance of the conpoy/ dried scallops came through the sauce.  The beancurd was nicely fried and the spinach added a nice veg taste to it all.

 Their salted egg crab deserves some mention, if not for the taste then for the presentation of fried yam shreds.  The generous sauce is a bit sweet but the taste of curry leaves do balance it all and makes you want to dip every morsel of crab into the sauce.  Alternatively, you can just drown your rice with the sauce.

I didn’t take a pic of our steamed crab as my hands were busy peeling the shell and just eating the delicious crab.  That said, if you like your crabs to taste fully like crab, I recommend ordering that instead.  The crab is steamed with ginger and huatiao wine as well as on a thin layer of steamed egg.  No sauce to rave about but the crab is fresh – that’s the most important!  You can see the aftermath below…

To wash it all down, I highlight recommend the strawberry beer ($8/bottle).  The first sip is a bit acidic but the fragrance and sweetness of the strawberry soon comes through while the end notes are of the white beer.  This is how I like beer to be – sweet.  It’s not sweet like cocktails so even my dad enjoyed it.

Good food aside, I was slightly disappointed with the service because I had called to make a reservation but when I turned up, they didn’t have any record of my reservation.  To add, we had ordered a plate of french beans but it never came because the waitress didn’t take it down.  She was probably distracted by how we requested NOT to have any salt and MSG in all the dishes.

Would I go there again?  Well, generally I would as the food really comes piping hot and they’re really quite good.  They have 3 branches – 180 Yio Chu Kang, Bedok and finally the 30 Cosford branch in Changi.

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