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It’s the most important meal in the day and it’s the one meal where I feel is simple but yet oh so satisfying when you eat something nice and hot.  I’m obviously not talking about cereals and fruits.  With any of my cravings, I just have to satisfy them and I’m fussy about 2 things – my French toast and scrambled eggs.

First up: French Toast.  To me, the perfect French Toast has to have lots of cinnamon and the bread must be soaked with the egg mixture.  Not the crap that a lot of places serve where the egg only coats the bread and is tasteless.

Below is a pic of my French toast which I used wholemeal bread (I still want to feel slightly ‘healthy’ about this), dusted it with desiccated coconut and sandwiched a banana between the slices while they were still warm. This caused the banana to lightly soften and sweeten further.  Would’ve been excellent if I had powder sugar but…I was feeling slightly guilty from all the sugar I added to the egg mixture.

Ahh…scrambed eggs.  How much do I love thee.  Ironically, I think Mc Donald’s has one of the better scrambled eggs out there.  Scrambled eggs need to be light, fluffy and soft.  If you want to cook the perfect scrambled eggs, your pan must be at low heat and you just run through the egg with a fork while it slowly cooks.  Of course, the beauty is also in the amount of milk that you add to the egg mixture.  Just a dash will do.  Top it all off with cracked black pepper and if you’re feeling luxurious, a few shreds of cheddar/ mozzarella cheese.  Yum!

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