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Hey all, I’ve just had another surgery done and this time, it is to remove all the growth in my fallopian tubes, near my ovaries as well as parts of my intestines.  My condition is known as endometriosis and this explains the PCOS, the excessive bleeding, irregular periods, depression and even lethargy.

The best decision that I’ve ever made was to just not care about the money and go see my private gynae.  If I had stayed with SGH, they would’ve still kept their diagnosis that I’ve got borderline PCOS and I would’ve continued to suffer month after month.  I nearly fainted twice last year and thank goodness both times I was at home.  My current gynae was quite upset that the doctors in the A&E didn’t detect the thick uterine lining and see it as a cause of worry.

Anyway, what causes endometriosis?  Doctors still don’t know and it could be hereditary and exacerbated with stress.  Worst part of this is that it can recur.  So now, I have to go see my gynae for regular injections.  To add, he advised that once I get married, to hurry and get pregnant because my condition makes it tough for me to conceive.  Such good news, isn’t it?  Well, with this surgery, I really hope to be back to normal and live life normally.  This should help my weight loss since my hormones should be going back to normal.

So ladies, if you have more than 2 of the symptoms that I had mentioned earlier, please go and see a reliable gynaecologist.

Some thank yous now…thanks to Ming who brought me taiyaki in the hospital! Zedd who brought me egg tarts! Father Suyono who brought me Holy Communion as well as all the well wishes via Facebook.  Check out the get well basket from the company below…


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