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Yup, I can be a meat and potatoes kinda girl too.  Now, I got lazy this time round and decided to just roast everything in the oven.  Note to self – beef tastes good only when it’s grilled or pan seared.  My beef was cooked perfectly medium but…the flavours aren’t sealed in.  Hence, grill or pan fry it.

My roasted potatoes with rosemary and cheese rocked though!  The roasted cherry tomatoes were oh sooo sweet while the french beans were well…french beans. 

Told you I got lazy right?  So I microwaved the potatoes in a bowl of water for 4 minutes till they were soft.  Dice them and then toss it with rosemary (I used dried but feel free to use fresh ones, if you have).  The heat from the potatoes should start the process of softening the rosemary and releasing its distinct flavour.

On my roasting tray, I simply placed my french beans, tomatoes, potatoes and beef.  I drizzled olive oil, pepper and truffle salt all over the veg and potatoes.  In addition, I topped the potatoes with red & white cheddar.  You can use mozzarella but I was trying to finish my packet of cheese. 

This is how lazy it really got.  My beef wasn’t fully thawed so this was perfect to roast for 5 min without it drying out or over cooking.  After 3 min, I merely turned the beef over so that the underside could get a bit browned.  If you’re grilling/ pan frying, the meat should be fully thawed and 1 min per side is good enough.

Prep time: 2 min
Cooking time: 10 min

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