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I think I’m the most chop-chop cook ever.  I’m very lazy and I hate washing up a lot of stuff so I tend to cook everything in a pot/pan/tray.  This meal was eaten last Fri and it was another surprisingly quick meal although it’s 2 dishes.

Top photo is my bacon wrapped tuna.  Can you tell the difference between bacon and tuna? No, right? My tuna was cooked to perfection!  This is sooo easy, it’s really quite disgusting.  Haha…all you have to do is wrap your tuna with bacon and pop it into the toaster oven for 10-14 min, depending on the thickness of the tuna.  I didn’t even thaw the tuna steak!!

The bottom is is my gratin with broccoli and bacon (yes, I try to finish all the stuff that I buy…).  Again, very simple.  Slice your potato thinly with one of those slicing machine thing-a-ma-jigs. Chop bacon roughly and cut broccoli till they’re about 1.5cm long.  In other words, all your fillings have to be small.  Here comes the layering. Layer the bottom with potato, then broccoli and bacon, top with a little cheese (I used the remainder of my red & white cheddar but you can use mozzarella) and then layer with potato, broccoli…uh, you get the pic?  When you’re at the final layer (I prefer it to be potato so that my broccoli doesn’t get burnt/ dried out), pour some cream until you see it surface to the top when you gently press the whole gratin.  DO NOT use milk.  I repeat.  DO NOT use milk.  Milk is too sweet and watery.  If you use milk, only the bottom layer of potato and broc will be cooked and the top will be a big uh-oh.  Anyway, top it all off with a generous amount of cheese and then pop it into a preheated oven of 150 deg C for 15 min.

Total prep time:  15 min
Cooking time:  15 min

This is definitely more satisfying that making yourself a ham & cheese sandwich. 😉

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