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Haha…kinda long title but it’s true.  I normally don’t have time to cook breakfast for myself and end up buying breakfast from places near my office but I loooove scrambled eggs.  So, I’ve been given medical leave till Thu because I sprained a muscle that’s next to my ab/ near my left ovary so my gynae wants me to stay home and rest.  No walking or carrying of heavy things.  He even cheekily said, “No shopping!” to me. 🙁

How did I sprain my muscle? I’ve been going back to the gym and I felt that my stamina was about 70% back to before so I decided to go back to the elliptical machine (the one where you look like you’re skiing) but it was too soon.  My side started having muscle spasms while I started feeling sharp pains on my left side since Fri evening, which is still going on, if it wasn’t for painkillers.  Thank god for my gynae.

Anyway, back to my awesome breakfast.  Hehe…I decided to cook scrambled eggs for myself!

My scrambled eggs are resting on turkey breast ham and a toasted bagel.  DELICIOUS!  Why don’t they sell this in my office block?  Ok, Subway comes slightly close but their turkey ham is too processed while their egg has too much butter-flavoured thingy.  I bought premium turkey ham so it’s 90% turkey breast meat that’s cured to perfection.  My scrambled eggs only had milk, salt and black pepper which I scrambled over low heat – making it soft and fluffy.

Now…what should I have for breakfast tomorrow?

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